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How much is 1 lakh Indian Rupees in US Dollars? - Quora

Since foreign exchange rates changes daily It is hard to tell the exact amount in US dollars. . As on today (22 May 2016) 1 US dollar equals Rs. 67.42. We can .

Black Money: Family 'declares' Rs 2 lakh crore, Centre rejects claim .

Dec 5, 2016 . The government said on Sunday that it had rejected a declaration of Rs 2 lakh crore made under the Income Disclosure Scheme (IDS) by four.

Lakh - Wikipedia

A lakh is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to one hundred thousand (100,000 . when the largest denomination of currency was the 100 rupee note, and one lakh rupees would fill a small suitcase (peti as in Bombay Hindi).

Not A Good Idea - Fines For Accepting Cash Over RS 3 Lakh .

Feb 5, 2017 . I do sympathise with the desire to make India a less cash society. But the use of confiscation to ensure that the cash economy stays entirely.

Indian Rupee - conversion by Lakhs Crores 3A-Strategy

To convert a Rupee amount (given in Crores), into its corresponding Euro amount in Millions, divide the Rupee amount by 5. Thus, Rs 5 Cr = Rs 5,0,00,000/-.